As a small business or startup in San Diego, in the beginning you may not have the revenue to hire a lot of employees. You end up ‘wearing many hats’ so to speak. On any given day you may have to manage many different aspects of your business on a daily basis. You may have to function as a salesman, manager, HR rep, bookkeeper, maintenance person and even as your company’s Controller or CFO.

Outsourced Controller Services for Small Businesses in San Diego  

Thomas Huckabee CPA, has been helping small businesses run financially efficient. By looking at the numbers, financial statement review, creating balance sheet and income statements, handling payroll, his advice has been vital to client success.  Many startups could benefit from hiring an accountant, CFO and controller, but do not have the budget to pay one full time.  This is where our outsourced CFO consulting and business advisor services come in.  Most small business owners do not have the time to read lengthy financial statements. ­ Thomas Huckabee CPA sets up monthly dashboards so that people can see their financial statements in a graphic chart.  He also educates and trains his clients to read their financial statements — clients review the dashboards, because people don’t like to look at all the numbers.  We provide custom dashboard reports that highlight Key Performance Indicators in your financial statements to look at so you can make informed business decisions specifically related your company’s top line revenue and growth goals. As your outsourced financial advisor, we will help to improve your company’s efficiency and cut costs. As your business grows, your finances will also get more complex. As a former partner to several large accounting firms in San Diego, we have dealt with almost every tax and financial issue that medium and small face, so our knowledge and experience can help to provide solutions to new financial problems.  

Many of our small business clients ask us questions about these subjects.  

Cash flow Management: How do I manage my company’s cash flow without taking away from the time I need to focus on growing sales and revenue?    

Employees:  When is it time to hire a new employee or fire someone?  How do I manage employee benefit plans, health insurance and workers’ comp?   

Financials: How do I really understand if my business is profitable?  Are my profit and loss statements accurate?   

Business Planning: How do I create an efficient business plan that helps my company to strategically grow without getting caught up in a bunch of pie in the sky forecasts or the what if’s?  Is there a way to develop a concise business plan that is attainable, actionable and measurable?   

Profitability: Is there a way to structure my startup business to be profitable and not have to work 80 hour weeks with no free time?   

Succession Planning:  When is the right time to sell my company?  What is a fair market valuation for it? Is a there organizational stability system in place that prepares the company if a key executive employee resigned, fell ill or died?  

As your company revenue grows important financial decisions are made every day.  Growing startups often find it difficult to measure and make informed decisions without current operational and financial information.           

Our Outsourced CFO Controller Services help with :     

  • Cash flow management
  • Financial risk management and analysis
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Business plans
  • Accounts receivable/payable
  • Profit improvement solutions
  • Financial reporting
  • Accounting systems establishment
  • Management audits
  • Accounting staff training & management coaching
  • Due diligence
  • Equity and debt financing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Government compliance
  • Ratio analysis
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • QuickBooks setup and training
  • Payroll Services

As your outsourced CFO/Controller and financial advisor, we help you optimize your organization by:

  1. Reducing costs to the company    
  2. Applying the latest cloud based technologies to your accounting process  
  3. Eliminating redundancy and waste     
  4. Reducing transaction-related work to allow employees to focus on revenue increasing activities   

Contact us today, we offer a free one hour consultation for San Diego business owners. Call us at (858) 945-5510 to set an appointment to discuss your specific needs.  

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