Business tax planning San Diego

Tax Planning Strategies for San Diego Businesses

It is unrealistic to believe that any company wants to pay or owe the IRS money, especially when it comes to payroll taxes.  Thomas Huckabee, CPA, a full service accounting firm, has been advising corporations and small business owners in San Diego County and its neighboring communities, with proven tax planning methods.  We pride ourselves on our thorough and comprehensive financial analysis and evaluation skills, all of which are catered specifically to your business.  As a bonus, we also research your industry and search for options to save you even more money so you can accomplish your financial goals. Thomas Huckabee, CPA has both long term and short tax planning strategies to reduce your company’s overall tax liability each year.       

Thomas Huckabee CPA understands that ‘Returning Value’ to a tax client is more than a once yearly event. We will work with you on a regular basis to ensure your tax strategy remains aligned with your overall business goals and objectives.

Business Tax Planning Strategies

  • Capitalizing on new and current tax law changes as they occur   
  • Choosing the best entity designation for your business and tax purposes needs
  • Estate and retirement planning to increase cash flow and save on taxes
  • Setting up and structuring quarterly estimated tax payment plans
  • Structuring business transactions to save money and reduce taxes owed
  • Developing fringe benefit plans for your company to create tax free benefits  
  • Annual or semi-annual tax planning to create strategies for lowering the overall tax bill

Corporate Tax Return Preparation    

Every year Thomas Huckabee, CPA prepares hundreds of state and federal tax returns for all types of private entities, including corporations, partnerships, companies and nonprofit organizations.  Immediately, you are a trusted client of Thomas Huckabee, CPA, and will rest easy at night…knowing all your financial reporting documents are completed accurately and professionally.   We also provide other services such as business consulting, financial statement preparation and outsourced CFO consulting for many new startups and small businesses.      

Give us a call today, we offer new potential clients a free consultation.    

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