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Thomas Huckabee CPA is San Diego’s trusted tax advisory firm that helps hundreds of individuals and business owners each year ensure that they are making the best tax preparation decisions. Our in-depth tax planning strategies approach goes well beyond just a review of your previously filed tax returns.  

Thomas Huckabee CPA will work with you to set strategic personal or business goals, advise you on the various tax code implications that will currently affect your situation or we may anticipate having based on your company’s industry, then develop a customized tax plan to achieve those goals.   

Our ability to help companies grow, and grow with them in the way they do business—is one of our core strengths and it applies across many different types of  industries. – Thomas Huckabee

You can think of tax planning and tax preparation as two sides of the same coin.  By having your taxes carefully planned will help to ensure that your tax obligations are minimized to allow your business to thrive more easily.  Thorough tax preparation also plays a crucial role in not “overpaying on your taxes”.  For individuals, the type of income you receive will have a large effect on the rate of tax you pay.  For tax planning purposes, gross income can be divided into 2 broad categories:

  • Earned income
  • Investment income

You can trust the 31 years of experience in of the Thomas Huckabee CPA team to help you prepare and plan for growth strategies and for the future. Our team provides San Diego with the following tax services:     

We can also help you find practical strategies for tax planning with the following services:

  • Establishing legal ownership of assets  
  • Tax accounting or financial statement reporting
  • Asset protection techniques
  • Increasing IRAs and retirement plan values
  • Tax, estate, and business succession planning 
  • 199a QBI tax planning

Our tax planning and tax preparation services are very comprehensive

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