Who We Work With

Thomas Huckabee, CPA provides business advisory and outsourced accounting to small and mid-size San Diego companies, for a diverse range of industries.

Many San Diego County businesses are not large enough (not in a growth mode, raising capital or have no real revenue yet) to need a full time salaried CFO yet.  San Diego is an innovative city, with a growing number of new SMBs and startups, that really only need the part time consulting services of an interim CFO, small business controller and accounting team.

Hiring a fractional CFO on an as-needed basis can help you learn many important things about your business’ finances.  And even small changes to a current business finance plan can have a dramatic increase in your company’s bottom line.  

For those growing companies, Thomas Huckabee, CPA has over 20 years of executive leadership and financial consulting experience.  He is an expert in delivering appropriate solutions for all your general finance and accounting needs. Thomas Huckabee, CPA, specializes in aligning business strategy, improving operations, and driving both top and bottom-line financial performance for all types of businesses.  We can handle the day-to-day transactional work: accounting and bookkeeping and strategic financial decisions so that your team has the time you need to focus on growing revenue and operating your business efficiently.      


Our clients have a broad spectrum of unique needs that include, among other things:

  • Companies in need of a professional accounting department to provide strong financials, establish systems and processes to increase profitability, build a plan for growth, help in scaling a business and ensure goals and objectives are met   
  • Companies that need help with building their financial model, tracking  KPIs, preparing the financials
  • Companies that need a scalable finance team to assist with a business exit strategy, budgeting and planning, financial benchmarking and business valuations
  • Companies seeking strategic guidance with business strategies, financing, raising capital and/or attracting investors    

Our Core Practice Services Areas Cover

CFO ConsultingOffer seasoned financial guidance, regardless of stage, industry or project scope.
Tax Services –  Provide forward thinking domestic and international tax advice for emerging San Diego based companies   
Accounting Services – Financial and bookkeeping support, from basic accounting to complex financial oversight.   
Management Consulting – Help CEOs maximize profits, strengthen balance sheets and manage resources to weather storms and seize opportunities.   

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