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 Entrepreneurs, CEOs and executive managers usually engage with Thomas Huckabee CPA for one of two reasons: either they want financial strategies to grow their business (in order to pay themselves more) or they want to business consulting advice on how to increase the value of their business (in order to sell it someday). Both of these goals align with our conviction that the most valuable type of business to own or to sell is a business that is profitable, growing and runs itself.   Some companies can score a high valuation in any economy- think companies that produce and sell necessities, as opposed to those firms that offer luxury goods (although it’s not always the case).  How do you position your business to get the maximum value from merger & acquisition deals or the public market? Even if your company does not have the goal of getting acquired in a M&A transaction or an IPO, there is a lot that can be learned from analyzing how CFOs and investors evaluate startups.  Thomas Huckabee, CPA has worked with startups and entrepreneurs for 20 years, providing business coaching, accounting, business strategy and investment analysis advising.  Our downloadable PDF white paper report will cover areas such as:     

  • The talent equation—financial metrics aren’t the only success driver
  • Technology breakthroughs and other critical drivers of value for non-revenue companies
  • Investment in business infrastructure to improve risk management 
  • How to discover your business’s key value drivers & performance indicators
  • Formulas for determining, increasing and supporting valuation measurements    

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